Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to set up TwitterFeed

The site URL is
Here is how to set up your twitterfeed to feed any RSS to your twitter account.

1. Feed name – I use the twitter name to identify the feed, for example, for me I would put @GlimmeringGems

2. Where it asks for the RSS feed, you go to the Etsy page and on the left hand side at the bottom, it says subscribe to feed, click it and copy paste the URL here. You can use a feed to any site that has one, I use Internet Explorer, and have a RSS icon, if I click it you can detect if the page has any feed, if it does, you can proceed with twitterfeed.

3. Make sure the “active” is checked.

4. Click “Advanced Settings” select either, title only, or description only, (generally if you select both you will not be able to add tags since twitter makes us keep it short) I generally select title.

5. Select how often you wish for that site or group to tweet. Since it only tweets new or relisted items, I generally leave it set for 30 minutes.

6. Where it says “post prefix” you can put something like “By GlimmeringGems” or whomever you wish (using myself as an example here) if there is room on that line, you can put “On Etsy” but often it runs short, so you can put that in the “Post suffix” area.

7. Click to go to the next page.

8. Next you will see “available services” click, when you get to the drop down, select “twitter”

9. You will go to a page that asks you to authenticate your twitter, it is like any other twitter app. You will need to click “allow” It will then return to the previous page.

10. Next, be sure to check and see if the user name shows up in the box (this is a step that often confuses people) BELOW where it says “authenticated twitter account" click the drop down box and make sure your twitter name shows up. Since you can add multiple twitter accounts to twitterfeed, it is set up for you to choose which one you wish for that shop or RSS to feed from.  If you do not select anything other than the "twitter" or the "-" (dash) it will make you constantly repeat the "authenticate" step, and you will get nowhere fast. Just remember to click the drop down, and move it to your twitter name.

11. Click “create service”.

12. Click “all done”

13. Click “go to dashboard”

14. Make sure the account shows up as active, if for some reason, it does not, (you will now be on the home page) pick the feed you wish to edit, click the "edit", skip past the first page by using "continue" and when you are back to the "authenticate" page,  go back to step 10 and make sure the correct user name is in the drop down.

15. NOW that you have the feed set up, you can (for all additional feeds) skip past the “authenticate your twitter” and just make sure your twitter user name is in the drop down box, then skip down to the next step. “create service” etc.

You can feed ANY Etsy shop via adding their RSS to your twitterfeed. I use this to promote lots of my favorite shops! Keeps the tweets fresh.